Refurbished Dyson DC24 All Floors Ball Vacuum Cleaner


The DC24 All Floors will easily pick up even the smallest dirt particles no matter what type of floor you have.

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The Dyson DC24 All Floors has been created to deal with multi-floor homes. These days many homes feature both carpets and hardwood flooring. Standard hoovers are only built to hoover over carpets and they don’t provide great results on tiled or wooden floors. This one will easily pick up even the smallest dirt particles no matter what type of floor you have.

Dyson is a brand you know you can trust and its vacuums come with a number of impressive features. The DC24 All Floors has the following benefits:

• Patented ball technology
• Motorised brush bar
• Allergy approved
• Bagless
• No loss of suction
• Washable HEPA filters

The patented ball technology makes the vacuum easier than ever to manoeuvre around. The motorised brush bar helps to remove even the most stubborn dirt patches. It also helps to get up stubborn pet hairs, which makes it an ideal investment for pet owners.

As with most Dyson models, this one will never lose its suction. The washable HEPA filters make it a cost effective investment too. As long as you wash them every few months, they should last a lifetime. HEPA filters also remove more than 97% of allergens and dust particles from the air.

This is one of the most powerful vacuums available and if maintained properly it will last for many years.

Dyson DC24 All Floors Specifications

Patented cyclone technology:Root Cyclone™ technology

Suction power:100 Air Watts (constant)

Movement type:Ball™ technology

Filter:Lifetime HEPA filter

Cleaner head:Motorised brush bar

Brushbar control type:Fingertip brush control

Stair cleaning:Reversible wand

Bin capacity:0.85 litres

Dimensions (height x width x depth):746mm x 349mm x 281mm

Dimensions – handle extended (height x width x depth):1110mm x 349mm x 281mm

Maximum reach:8.75m

Cord length:6.10m


Please note tools not included with this reconditioned model.