If you’re looking for a cheap hoover, then one of our refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners is sure to fit the bill. Reconditioned Dyson vacuum cleaners from The Dyson Centre offer great value when budgets are tight. Our refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners are completely stripped, cleaned, faulty parts replaced, re-assembled and tested. Each unit comes with our 90 day warranty.

Dysons By Category

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The original Dyson upright vacuum cleaners are a fantastic product. They are lighter, sleeker and easy to manoeuvre than most of their contemporaries. They are also much more technologically advanced and function better than similar models by other manufacturers. As a result, it’s a brand you can trust. While using one of our refurbished Dyson upright vacuum cleaners you will see your home become the cleanest it’s ever been!

The Dyson cyclone system is much more efficient than traditional vacuum cleaners and it is present in all upright models. The cyclones are arranged so as to ensure maximum suction is always achieved. The effectiveness of the system means the capturing of microscopic dust and pollen particles is taken care of. It also eliminates the need for bags which need to be emptied, an environmental plus. The cyclone system means you don’t need to worry about loss of suction that is often a problem with other kinds of vacuum cleaner. Allergy sufferers benefit from this technology too as Dyson vacuum cleaners are the best when it comes to dust removal.

Dyson Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaners are less cumbersome therefore they are easy to manoeuvre and pull around. Because they are lightweight they couldn’t be easier to use. Consequently, a Dyson cylinder is the perfect vacuum if you have stairs. Furthermore, they the best choice if you have a small space as they store very easily.

The wheels used on standard vacuum cleaners have been replaced with a ball allowing it to be easily rotated in any direction you choose. This Dyson-pioneered technology makes directional change of the vacuum far easier. The ball houses the motor and some other components making Dyson cleaners up to 30% quieter than their contemporaries’ machines. The ball technology employed in this kind of vacuum cleaner has a low centre of gravity. Consequently, they are much more stable and one which is extremely unlikely to fall or be knocked over. In fact, refurbished Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaners are self-righting. If you do manage to tip them over they correct themselves using gravitational force.

Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaners

The ball vacuum cleaner is an innovative approach to vacuum cleaning by Dyson. Dysons developers were aware that conventional vacuum cleaners were often cumbersome and difficult to manoeuvre. So their solution was to create a cleaner which rides on a single ball – hence the name. This technology made it almost effortless to manipulate your vacuum cleaner into those hard to reach spots.

Ball vacuum cleaners are bagless and have a single button release cylinder. You can empty them without coming into direct contact with the waste. They are also an easier machine to store, taking up far less room due to being upright and not having a protruding hose. In tests the ball vacuum cleaner proves to be among the best for picking up pet hair and the best machine for cleaning larger areas.