Refurbished Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners


The Dyson upright vacuum cleaner boasts the most powerful suction of any upright machine making it much more efficient. It handles carpets and rugs – both deep pile and thinner varieties – as well as hardwood floors and lino. Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless and have a single button release cylinder. You can empty your cleaner without coming into direct contact with the waste. They are also an easier machine to store, taking up far less room due to being upright and not having a protruding hose.

In tests, Dyson upright vacuum cleaners prove to be among the best for picking up pet hair. They are the best machines for cleaning larger areas. The electric cord on Dyson vacuum cleaners is longer than on a lot of other models. It has a greater reach meaning you don’t have to keep removing and re-positioning the plug as often.

Environmentally friendly

Dyson vacuum cleaners are manufactured to be as lightweight as possible. They use the minimum amount of material is used in making them, lessening the strain on resources. The bagless nature of Dyson upright vacuum cleaners lowers environmental impact saving you money. There are also no filters which need changing as they all can be cleaned by hand.