Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaners

The Dyson DC33 was created as a replacement for the DC14 and is still one of the most popular models available today. Its design was mainly based upon the DC27 and DC28 variations and it comes in four different types.

Previous models made use of a metal telescopic pole, whereas this one has been created with plastic. This has been said to be a downgrade due to the fact that the plastic wand doesn’t hold as much support. This can cause the hoover to flex more at the spine.

Due to the smaller diameter, the attachments from the DC14 will not fit onto this updated version. Therefore you’ll need to invest in specific DC33 attachments. It makes use of the same floorhead as the DC04, DC07 and the DC14.

The DC33 makes use of a single motor and a mechanical clutch is used to power the brush roll. While it is an updated version of the all wheeled vacuums, fans of the ball cleaners might not be a huge fan of this particular model. Saying that, it does offer everything you’d expect from a Dyson vacuum. It has incredible suction power, works on all floors and is a durable machine that will last for many years.

We provide a range of refurbished DC33’s. Working like new, these models come at a much lower cost than the brand new versions.

There are four different models available in the Dyson DC33 range. The benefits and features of each one can be found below.

1. Dyson DC33 Multi floor

If you have a mixture of both carpets and hard flooring in your home, the Multi floor model could be just what you need. Designed to be used on any type of flooring, this version comes with a lifetime HEPA filter and a re-engineered telescopic wand. Like other Dyson models, this one will never lose suction and it’s particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

2. Dyson DC33 Animal

The Animal range has become one of the most popular and the DC33 doesn’t disappoint. Designed to pick up pet hairs and other debris, this model features a mini turbine head that isn’t featured on any of the other vacuums in the DC33 range.

3. Dyson DC33 Independent

The DC33i bagless vacuum is one of the simplest of models. It’s lightweight and provides easy reach for cleaning the stairs. If you’re looking for a good all-round no-frills vacuum then this is could be the best option.

4. Dyson DC33 Stubborn

Tired of trying to hoover up those stubborn dirt patches? The DC33 Stubborn could be the ideal option. Compared to the other models, this one comes with more tools to tackle even the most stubborn debris. Like the other models in the range, this one is lightweight and easy to carry around. The telescopic wand enables you to clean the stairs with ease. It’s one of the more unique models and definitely worth considering.

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