Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaners

Ball technology

The ball itself replaced the wheels used on standard vacuum cleaners. This allows the machine to be easily pivoted in any direction through the full 360 degree spectrum. The ease with which direction can be changed was also much improved making vacuum cleaning a much less difficult experience. The ball contains the motor and other components which makes this kind of vacuum cleaner quieter than many other models. The ball vacuum cleaner also has a much lower centre of gravity. It’s a much more stable cleaner which is unlikely to fall or be knocked over.


The ball vacuum cleaner boasts the most powerful suction of any upright machine making it much more efficient. It handles carpets and rugs – both deep pile and thinner varieties – as well as hardwood floors and lino. There is no need to adjust brushes or any other machine settings which saves you time while you clean. The direct drive motor pushes the bristles deeper into carpets for a better clean. Carbon fibre filaments enable the cleaner to remove fine dust effortlessly from hard floors and lino. In fact, the ball vacuum cleaner actually self-adjusts depending on which kind of flooring you are cleaning. It raises or lowers the cleaner head automatically for the best result.

The electric cord on a ball vacuum cleaner is also longer than on a lot of other models. This means its reach is greater and you don’t have to keep removing and re-positioning the plug as often as you would in some cases.

Environmentally friendly

Dyson ball vacuum cleaners are manufactured as lightweight as possible which means the minimum amount of material is used in making them. The bagless nature of ball vacuum cleaners and the fact there are no filters which will need changing. This lowers the environmental impact and, of course, saves you money.