Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaners

The Dyson DC14 was released as an updated version of the DC07. Because of its new ‘telescopic reach’ feature, it became one of the market leaders at the time. Making full use of the Root 8 Cyclone technology, this range never loses its suction. There aren’t many differences between the DC07 and the DC14 in terms of design. They have the same colour scheme, and the same motor. The floor head is almost the same, although the DC14 does have the benefit of having a big debris channel fitted.

One of the main things that is different with the DC14 is the fact it has a much quieter operation. This is because the cyclone faces downwards. It uses 1400 watts and is available in numerous variations.

Currently discontinued by Dyson, we have a range of refurbished models in our stock. With careful maintenance and the ability to buy replacement parts if they are needed, the DC14 should last you for many years.

There are many different models in the DC14 range. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages so make sure you take these into account before choosing the right one for you.

1. Dyson DC14 Animal

The Dyson Animal remains one of the most popular models to date. In its silver and lavender colour, this is the ultimate vacuum for pet owners. Thanks to the mini turbine head, this model has been designed to remove even the toughest pet hairs. It also features a HEPA filter, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. With brush control it’s also great for all types of flooring.

2. Dyson DC14 Origin

The Origin model is the first in the range. With washable filters and a bagless design, there are no running costs associated with using the vacuum. There’s also on-board storage for the tools that come with the vacuum.

3. Dyson DC14 Blitz It

The Blitz it model has been designed to make cleaning the home a quicker and easier process. It features a rotating brush that really helps to loosen and pick up even tough dirt stains. There are three on-board tools included with this model.

4. Dyson DC14 All Floors

Are you just looking for a vacuum that will easily cope with every type of floor in your home? This model is designed for just that purpose. With brush control, the vacuum automatically switches the brush off when it detects a hard floor.

5. Dyson DC14 Allergy

While all DC14 models are better for allergy sufferers, this model is specifically designed to minimise the pollutants in the air. It also features a 1 touch empty system. Approved for allergy sufferers, this has all of the great features of the other models.

These are just five of the top DC14 models available. With the Root 8 Cyclone technology, you can guarantee you’ll never lose suction. Furthermore, they provide powerful cleaning, especially in terms of pet hair removal. Finally, if you’ve been searching for a reliable vacuum that helps to make the air in your home a little cleaner then this is the range to opt for.

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