Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaners

When the Dyson DC15 was first introduced in 2005, it was referred to as ‘The Ball’. It came in three different variations and was the very first ball designed vacuum. It was designed around the DC14 and it’s the replacement of the wheels for balls that really set this machine apart. A universal joint was installed onto the cleaner head and combined with the balls; the vacuum became really easy to move around. A simple twist of the handle would steer the model either left or right.

This is one of the more advanced Dyson vacuum ranges. It was also the very first Dyson to feature an independent motorised brush roll. It is powered by a different switch which can be found right next to the power button. The ball provides the base for the main suction motor.

Now you can invest in this vacuum at a much lower cost thanks to our refurbished models. When you buy a refurbished Dyson from us you can guarantee it will be in an ‘as new’ condition. We also stock a large range of replacement parts in case anything goes wrong.

There are three different models available in the DC15 range. They are listed below along with their advantages. Be sure to choose carefully when trying to find the best vacuum to suit your needs.

1. Dyson DC15 Allergy

When you suffer from dust and pet allergies, vacuuming can sometimes make your symptoms flare up. The Allergy DC15 has been allergy approved. It gets rid of the allergens in the air, reducing the chances of you suffering a reaction. The ball technology makes it really easy to manoeuvre around and it also features a large debris pick up function. Another advantage to this model is the fact it features instant stair cleaning. It is one of the more impressive models available and comes with lifetime filters.

2. Dyson DC15 Animal

If you have pets, the DC15 Animal vacuum is just what you need. No matter whether you have one, two, three or even more pets, this model guarantees to remove all pet hair and dander from your floor. It easily gets into awkward spaces and like the Allergy model, it’s been allergen approved. It’s the mini turbine head that really sets this machine apart from the others.

3. Dyson DC15 All floors

Not all vacuums are capable of handling different types of flooring. That’s where the DC15 All Floors model comes in useful. It’s the simplest of the three models available and it isn’t allergen approved like the other two. However, if you’re looking for a simple, all-round hoover this is definitely the model for you.

Don’t forget, if you need them we also stock a range of replacement and spare parts. The DC15 is durable and long lasting providing you take good care of it.

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