Dyson DC18 Vacuum Cleaners

After the pretty disappointing release of the DC15, the Dyson DC18 Slim was launched in 2006. It was produced up until the summer of 2008 and was designed to be a more lightweight version of the DC15. In order to address the issues of the DC15, the company trimmed down the Root Cyclone System. Instead of using 8 cyclones, this updated model only has 6.

The cyclone system wasn’t the only thing to change on the Dyson DC18; it also featured a different ball design. The DC15 featured a large ball, whereas this model featured a cigar shaped roller that’s actually pretty thin. This change in design allowed the airway paths and separate motor enclosure to have more space.

If you’d like to save money on this impressive vacuum, investing in a refurbished model is highly recommended. Each of our Dyson DC18 vacuum cleaners has been refurbished to work like new and they come at a fraction of the cost of a brand new hoover.

Dyson DC18 Features

The Dyson DC18 does come with some pretty impressive features. The main ones include:

• Flexible steering
• Cleaner head geometry
• Combination accessory tool
• Motorised brush bar
• Quick and hygienic to empty

You’ll easily be able to clean even the tightest spaces thanks to the flexible steering. Combined with the fact it only weighs 6.5kg, you’ll also find it really easy to manoeuvre. The cleaner head geometry feature also ensures that the vacuum has perfect contact with the floor. This ensures powerful suction and the bets cleaning abilities at all times. The most impressive thing about this feature is the fact it never leaves the floor, even when you’re turning the vacuum. Not many other models have this feature.

Thanks to the combination tool, you can switch to a dusting feature for advanced cleaning. The motorised brush bar is also one of the main advantages of this machine. You can control it with a touch of a button. Being able to turn it on and off when you need to helps to protect hard flooring and delicate rugs.

Hygenic Emptying

Thanks to the one touch emptying system, it’s easier than ever before to eliminate the dirt from your vacuum. You don’t have to worry about touching it which makes the vacuum one of the more hygienic models to use. The British Allergy Foundation has given this model a seal of approval. Thanks to its HEPA filter, all allergens are removed which limits your chances of having a reaction.

Those are the main features to be aware of. The fact that it’s also a lightweight design and that it has a clear bin also make it worth investing in. You can easily see when the bin needs to be emptied to ensure optimum suction power. Emptying the bin frequently will also limit the amount of times you need to wash the filter.

Overall this is one of the more popular models available and it isn’t hard to see why. You can save yourself a fortune by investing in one of our refurbished Dyson DC18 vacuum cleaners.

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