Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson have a team of engineers who are constantly creating and testing to ensure that the consumer is given the absolute best product using the best technology. Consequently, every single model of Dyson vacuum cleaner is a marvel of science and engineering. The Dyson DC25 is no different to any other Dyson model in that respect.

Features and specifications

If you want a great vacuum cleaner then you buy a Dyson. There’s just no better way to say it. The DC25 is an excellent, lightweight upright vacuum cleaner that will impress you. It comes with all the standard features you would expect from a high quality Dyson vacuum cleaner. These features include:

Radial root cyclone technology

Dyson’s cyclones are the market’s most efficient and they beat other brands of vacuum cleaners’ cyclones hands down. The arrangement of the cyclones maximises air flow and helping to achieve greater suction. As a result, this system will capture the most microscopic of particles such as pollen, mould and bacteria, making your home as clean as it can be. And it eliminates the need for bags which need to be emptied. The cyclone system ensures suction power never diminishes.

Ball technology

Dyson’s ball technology enables easier manoeuvring and control of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, ball vacuum cleaners can be turned on the spot safely and accurately. The ball houses the motor and other key components, decreasing noise emitted by the machine by up to 30% compared to other brands giving it a much lower centre of gravity. In addition, the streamlined design makes the Dyson DC25 easier to get into those tough to reach places.

Self-adjusting cleaner head

The DC25 knows how to clean your floors. Literally. No matter what kind of surface you are cleaning the Dyson DC25 detects change automatically and adjust itself accordingly meaning you don’t have to adjust brushes or mess around with different attachments for the cleaner. Suction will always be sealed in so your varying floor surfaces will all be equally clean. A direct drive motor centralises the weight of the cleaner head and pushes the bristles as close as possible to the floor surface.

Instant release high reach wand

The DC25’s hose and wand can be released quickly and easily which allows you to clean those higher up places easily and with minimum effort.

Hygienic emptying

As with all Dyson vacuum cleaners, the DC25 has no bag and has an easy release mechanism on the collection canister so it can be emptied with easily and cleanly. In addition, this method is also more environmentally friendly than the use of bags. Consequently, filters will ever need to be changed either.

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