Dyson DC41 Vacuum Cleaners

The Dyson DC41 is quite simply a remarkable upright vacuum cleaner. Why so? Well, it’s a Dyson so it’s going to be start of the art This particular vacuum cleaner beat other upright vacuum cleaners in tests. It’s proven to be the absolute best at picking up the most dust from any surface and even between floorboard cracks and gaps.

Features and specifications

It’s the best vacuum cleaner for picking up dust and debris from hardwood floors and all kinds of carpets and rugs. The DC41 might be the acer of tests, but that’s not the only reason you should buy one of these wonderful vacuum cleaners. It also has all the usual features you can expect from a Dyson product. These features include:

Radial root cyclone technology

Dyson’s cyclones have far better efficiency than other similar vacuum cleaners. The arrangement of the cyclones improves air flow and maximum suction is achieved, capturing microscopic particles of pollen, mould and bacteria with ease.

Ball technology

The ball technology of Dyson means you can turn the vacuum cleaner on the spot more safely and accurately. The cleaner’s motor and other components are within the ball which reduces noise emitted by the vacuum cleaner. This also means it has a lower centre of gravity. The streamlined design makes the DC41 easier to get into those more difficult spots.

Self-adjusting cleaner head

The DC41 detects changes in vacuum cleaning terrain and adjusts itself accordingly meaning you don’t have think about it. Hard floors or carpets pose no challenge to the Dyson DC41. The cleaner seals in suction in so all floor surfaces will all be as dust-free as each other. A direct drive motor drives the bristles as close as possible to the floor surface. The brush bar also has a row of anti-static carbon fibre filaments which removes the finest of dust particles. This has been improved by 20% compared to the earlier DC40 models.

Instant release high reach wand

The DC41’s hose and wand release quickly and easily making the cleaning of higher places an easier and more pleasant experience.

Tangle-free turbine tool

Counter-rotating heads with brushes stop hair becoming tangled like it does in conventional turbine tools. This means hair and fluff go straight into the vacuum cleaner and you don’t have to stop to untangle it yourself by hand – a much more hygienic process.

Hygienic emptying

Also more hygienic is Dyson’s bagless vacuum cleaner ethos. The DC41 has an easy release mechanism enabling it to be emptied with ease and without the need to touch any dust or debris within then machine’s canister. The DC41 has a 2.1 litre bin capacity which is the largest of all Dyson upright vacuum cleaners.

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