Dyson DC08 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Introduced onto the market in 2002, the Dyson DC08 featured a brand new cylinder design. It was created as a replacement for the DC05 and made use of the brand new Root Cyclone technology found in the DC07. Like its predecessor this model also featured the ‘Animal’ model which is perfect for dealing with pet hairs and dander.

All of the DC08 models feature an uprated motor that has improved the suction power of the vacuum. Thanks to the root 12 cyclone system, this newer model has no need for an electric motor as the main turbo floorhead was easily driven by the increased power output.

One thing the DC08 doesn’t have is a storage area for tools. Instead they are kept on a tiny caddy that’s located on the suction hose. This particular range had a long run in production. Just after the DC11 was introduced, the model was updated to the ‘Telescope Wrap’ which basically made it a lot easier to store away. It wasn’t until the DC19 was introduced that this model stopped being produced.

It may have ceased production but it’s still a really popular model. If you’re looking for a cheap Dyson DC08, we have a good selection of refurbished vacuums available.

We stock all of the popular DC08 models. Though refurbished, each of them works like new. You basically get the benefit of a new vacuum at a much more affordable cost. Just some of the models available are listed below.

1. Dyson DC08 Origin

The first in the range, the Origin in its classic silver and yellow design is a good all round vacuum cleaner. It comes with a BAF seal of approval, a low reach floor tool, a suction release trigger and high velocity airflow tools. It’s suitable for both carpets and hard flooring. However, due to the fact that the first couple of DC08 models didn’t have a turbine floorhead, this does make the Origin more suited to hard floors.

2. Dyson DC08 Silver and turquoise model

The silver and turquoise DC08 has a cyclonic filter, as well as a HEPA filter. This makes it excellent for allergy sufferers. The HEPA filter manages to eliminate even the smallest allergens from the room. It comes with integrated tools and a plastic telescopic tube for easy stair and car cleaning. It’s another of the more basic models in the range.

3. Dyson DC08 Animal telescopic wrap

The latest in the DC08 collection, this updated model is easy to store away. Featuring the mini turbine head that’s become so well known on the Animal range, this is excellent for cleaning up even the toughest of pet hairs. The hose wraps around the cylinder for easy storage. It even features a large debris pick up function and it’s really easy to manoeuvre around. Allergy approved, the HEPA filter gets rids of all allergens. With incredible suction power this is one of the best models you can invest in.

All three of these models, along with the others in the range can be bought in an ‘as new’ refurbished condition. There are also replacement parts available if needed.

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