Dyson DC19 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaners are lightweight, compact, easy to store and even easier to use. The Dyson DC19 is a shining example of this. It is the ideal vacuum cleaner for people with limited space as it stores very easily and thanks to its lightweight nature it’s great for cleaning stairs unlike many of its contemporaries.

Features and specifications

It may be small, but the DC19 is perfectly formed. It’s not short on power or effectiveness either. It’s light to carry and weighs in at just 2.8 kilos, making it easy to get up and down your stairs without breaking a sweat. And inside the vacuum cleaner you’ll find the same technology as you would in larger Dyson vacuum cleaners. The cleaner has an operating radius of 6.5 metres so gone are the days of having to find an alternative socket or use an extension cable to clean one room. Other features include:

Radial root cyclone technology

Dyson’s cyclones work much more efficiently than those in other brands of vacuum cleaners. The cyclones are arranged in such a way as to ensure maximum suction is achieved. The system is so effective that it will capture microscopic pollen, mould and bacteria particles which other machines might miss and ensure your home is as clean as possible. It also eliminates the need for bags and filters which need to be emptied or cleaned. The cyclone system means that lack of suction will never be a problem with a Dyson DC19.

Dual mode floor tool

Most vacuum cleaners only use nylon bristles to clean your floors, but Dyson DC19s are equipped with carbon fibre filaments in addition. This is especially effective in picking up dust from hardwood floors using the tool’s anti-static properties. The bristles are most effective in forcing dirt out of carpets. This makes a Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner the right choice for most cleaning jobs on any surface. Switch between bristles and carbon fibre filaments at the touch of a button.

Lightweight adjustable wand

The DC19 has an adjustable wand which is easy to manipulate, meaning those high to reach places are no longer a challenge. There’s also a suction release trigger so your curtains don’t get caught in it. The wand might be lightweight, but it’s very well constructed and can tolerate more than a few bumps.

Allergy approved

An allergy to dust can be quite debilitating, but with the Dyson DC19 you don’t need to worry about this. The cleaner is approved by the British Allergy Foundation thanks to the fact that it never loses suction and picks up more fine particles than other similar machines from other manufacturers.

Hygienic emptying

As with all Dyson vacuum cleaners, the DC19 is bagless and comes with an easy release mechanism so it can be emptied in a trouble-free manner and without coming into direct contact with dust or debris. Needless to say this is also better for the environment.

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