Dyson DC32 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

The Dyson DC32 is another lightweight marvel from Dyson. Don’t be put off by its compact size, it’s a more than capable vacuum cleaner that does all you’d expect and more from a fantastic Dyson product.

Features and specifications

It may be compact, but the DC32 does as good a job as any other Dyson vacuum cleaner. It weighs only 8 kilos, making it easy to carry or transport. The technology inside the vacuum cleaner is exactly the same as you would find in other Dyson machines. The cleaner has an operating radius of 10 metres so you won’t have to find an alternative socket or use an extension cable to clean one room. Other features include:

Radial root cyclone technology

Dyson’s cyclonic technology is much better than that found in other brands of vacuum cleaner. The arrangement of the cyclones has been developed so as to achieve maximum suction from the cleaner at all times. The radial root cyclone technology is so effective that it will even suck up the microscopic particles of mould, pollen and bacteria which other, lesser vacuum cleaners might miss. The cyclone system means no loss of suction which can be problematic with other kinds of vacuum cleaner.

Pet hair removal

Pet hair can be difficult to pick up, especially from carpets with a deeper pile. This is no match for the Dyson DC32 though. The bristles on the brush spin at high speed, manipulating the carpet so that any dirt or debris sitting in it will be dislodged and sucked up. Animal hair will no longer be a problem in your home and it won’t be a problem for the DC32’s dynamic cleaning head either.

Lightweight adjustable wand

The DC32 has an adjustable wand which is easy to operate, allowing you to reach higher places with minimum effort. There’s also a suction release trigger so your curtains don’t get caught in it. The wand might be lightweight, but it’s very well constructed and handle being bashed a little bit.

Allergy approved

An allergy to dust can be annoying and the Dyson DC32 will help you if you’re a sufferer. The cleaner is approved by the British Allergy Foundation as it doesn’t lose suction, allowing it to pick up many more fine particles than the vacuum cleaners of other manufacturers.

Hygienic emptying

As with all Dyson vacuum cleaners, the DC32 has no bag to empty but has a bin with an easy release mechanism so it can be emptied easily and without the having to come into contact with any dust. This method is also more environmentally friendly than using a bag and saves you money in addition. There are also no filters that will need changing, they can all be easily cleaned.

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