Dyson DC04 Vacuum Cleaners

Released in 1998, the Dyson DC04 featured brand new upgraded filters. The company actually decided to make quite a few changes to this model. One of the biggest enhancements was the washable pre-motor filters. The placement of the filter also changed to the top of the cyclone.

Though discontinued by Dyson, we still stock a range of refurbished DC04 vacuums. Providing you maintain them well, they can last you for many years. It’s the environmentally friendly way to purchase your new vacuum.

There are seven models available in the DC04 range.

1. Dyson DC04 Silver and Lime

This is actually the entry-level model. Without a clutch, this one is designed purely for carpeted homes. However, it has been shown to work ok on laminate flooring. The one significant difference between this and the rest of the range is the fact it comes with a different type of motor to the other clutchless models. It’s an Ametek Italian motor.

2. Dyson DC04 Brush Control

The Brush control model is one of the best DC04’s that is fitted with a clutch. This makes it ideal for use on all types of flooring. It features a post motor filter rather than an HEPA filter and comes in the classic grey and yellow Dyson colour scheme.

3. Dyson DC04 Limited Edition

The limited edition comes with a HEPA filter as standard and has a unique pink and purple colour. It has a clutch and is one of the better ‘all floor’ models available.

4. Dyson DC04 Zorbster

Though still mainly used as a vacuum cleaner, the Zorbster was designed to be used as a dry clean carpet hoover. Featuring an aperture at the front, you can add a hopper, which places zorbs crystals onto the carpet. These are vacuumed up afterwards and they are supposed to also take up any first too. Most refurbished Zorbsters have been turned back into an original vacuum. If you’d prefer to have the dry cleaning option available then contact us and we can arrange that for you.

5. Dyson DC04 The Independent

The DC04i comes in a blue and grey colour and it’s the next one up from the basic model. It’s actually a rare model as not too many were made. Like the basic, it doesn’t have a clutch so it’s mainly suitable for carpets rather than hard flooring.

6. Dyson DC04 Absolute

Available in two different colour options, the Absolute model comes with an HEPA filter and they come complete with a clutch. As a result, it’s suitable for all floors.

7. Dyson DC04 De Stijl

The most colourful model in the range, the De Stijl vacuum is slightly heavier than the others. It comes with a clutch and an HEPA filter.

Durable and lightweight

One of the main complaints customers had about the earlier Dyson models was they were a little heavy. This model features a more lightweight design. Consequently it is easier to carry around if needed.

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