Dyson DC07 Vacuum Cleaners

The Dyson DC07 was introduced in 2001 with brand new Root Cyclone technology. Furthermore, it was actually the first model made by Dyson to make it to the USA. It was designed to be easier to open too. The design changed from the DC04 and a bottom drop bin was introduced, which was triggered by a button at the top of the cyclone. In addition, many of the models within the range come with a clutch brush bar.

The DC07 was the first range to feature a powerful 1400 watt motor. This model enjoyed a really long production run, coming to an end in 2008. This shows just how popular it actually was. While discontinued, this range still continues to be extremely popular.

There are quite a few different variations of the DC07. Before you decide which one is right for your home, consider what you will mainly be using it for, the type of flooring you have and which specific features you’re looking for.

1. Dyson DC07 Origin

The Origin comes complete with an auto carpet height adjuster. Also, one of its most impressive features is its blockage removal capabilities. It boasts the fastest stair cleaning performance and comes with lifetime washable filters.

2. Dyson DC07 CLIC

The DC07 CLIC comes with a unique purple and pink design. It was released to raise funds for the charity ‘Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood’. Like other models in the range, this features a 17 foot hose that makes cleaning up and down stairs a simple task.

3. Dyson DC07 Animal

The DC07 range was the first to introduce the powerful ‘Animal’ vacuum. Therefore you should choose this model to pick up pet hairs and filter out bacteria and allergens. It’s been allergy approved and features a mini turbine head to make pet hair removal easier.

4. Dyson DC07 Allergy

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you’ll want to invest in the Allergy DC07. With its lifetime HEPA filter and high velocity air flows, this vacuum helps to keep the air cleaner than ever. As a result, even the smallest particles of dust and allergens are broken down and eliminated from the air.

All of these models are lightweight and easy to use. The long hose makes it easy for you to clean up and down stairs, as well as your car. While it doesn’t have the quietest operation, the powerful results are worthwhile.

Dyson DC07 Filters & Tools

In addition to the actual models, we also stock a wide range of accessories and tools. Remember that in order to help the filters last a lifetime, you will need to wash them every six months. Maintaining your vacuum is essential. Refurbished models are designed to work like new. You benefit from a much lower cost without losing the quality that you’re used to with Dyson products. The Dyson DC07 is one of the best ranges available and some even argue it beats the newer models.

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